BEYOURs - Furniture chain & home decoration

Founded in 2017 through 3 enthusiastic younger founders with the dream of bringing furnishings merchandise of International standards at affordable prices.

  • Vision: To become the most trusted brand in home furnishing and decoration. Constantly creating positive values for employees, partners and society. 
  • Mission: Help customer realise their dream of proudly owning a lovely dwelling space, wherein anybody desires to go back and comfortably be yourself.
  • Core values: 7 Cultural values goal at 3 core values: every worker is the foundation, the Customer is the center and the Partner is the companion.


Proud Vietnamese products consistent with International Standards with affordable prices, status advocated via way of means of long-time period cooperation with supermarket chains: Aeon Mall, Kohnan, Emart, ... and owning showrooms, warehouses, factories placed at the 2 ends of the South and North.

With its sincerity and different mindset, BEYOURs quickly gained the trust of more than 300,000 Vietnamese customers and reached the top of the Housing and Life Industry of E-commerce.


  • Diverse designs, sizes suitable for all rooms

  • Delicate design, compact and easy to use

  • Environmentally friendly materials, protecting family health

We constantly invest in the people development, system, service… to create a business has sustainable value. Let BEYOURs make your dream of a beautiful living space come true, because the house is not only there to live, but also as a place where you can enjoy life.