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BEYOURs positions itself as a brand that provides FURNITURE SOLUTIONS with the eco-system from the simple needs of customers as loose furniture, to suggesting to customers CONCEPTs by BEYOURs ideas are available. Or even in-depth construction design consultants can measure the entire package according to the individualized requirements of each domestic and foreign customer.

To achieve the above goals, we will invest in the following areas:
Firstly, in the commercial & retail segment, including the experiential showroom system in Ho Chi Minh City and other provinces, BEYOURs also has a good presence on the Online platform, the e-commerce platform and is a strategic partner with dozens of small stores in big supermarkets like Aeon, Emart, Kohnan, Lotte, ... with the line of the product small by BEYOURs EASY.

Secondly, the Consulting - Design - Construction is implemented by BECONCEPT, We own a team of experienced and dedicated architects, work together to create a quality living space.

Third is the manufacturing segment & export, in order to better master the process & product quality, BEYOURs also invests in its own 2 manufacturing located in HCM & Lam Dong with total area is 15.000m2. We also manufacture export orders to countries (Japan, Korea, USA, ...) including construction goods and fit goods. 

BEFACTORY constantly researches and invests in modern machinery, ensures the use of sustainable materials according to international standards, and protects forest resources.

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BEYOURs aims at sustainable development - becoming a kind Enterprise where there are kind people, not only in the country but can bring the BEYOURs brand to the world. Thereby contributing to creating a lot of jobs, helping the team & their relatives have a better life and contribute more or less value to the society.

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Know that the road ahead is full of challenges and BEYOURs will constantly strive to spread and inspire a positive lifestyle, more sustainable consumption.